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Published News

Recycling Carbon Dioxide during Xylose Fermentation by Engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Posted By biocrusader on synthetic biology - Peng-Fei Xia, Guo-Chang Zhang, Berkley Walker, Seung-Oh Seo, Suryang Kwak, Jing-Jing Liu, Heejin Kim, Donald R. Ort, Shu-Guang Wang and Yong-Su Jin

DNAplotlib: Programmable Visualization of Genetic Designs and Associated Data

Posted By biocrusader on synthetic biology - Bryan S. Der, Emerson Glassey, Bryan A. Bartley, Casper Enghuus, Daniel B. Goodman, D. Benjamin Gordon, Christopher A. Voigt and Thomas E. Gorochowski

Characterization of Endogenous and Reduced Promoters for Oxygen-Limited Processes Using Escherichia coli

Posted By biocrusader on synthetic biology - Alvaro R. Lara, Karim E. Jaén, Juan-Carlos Sigala, Martina Mühlmann, Lars Regestein and Jochen Büchs