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Posted By reespindola23 45 days ago on biohacking - The knife is among the most essential tools in the kitchen area, not only for the expert chef or chef, also for the beginner and the enthusiastic chef a great as well as high quality knife will certainly make sure that the job is succeeded. Honing knives manually is not just tiring however it can likewise be aggravating.

Don't let the US lose its biotechnology edge - Baltimore Sun

Posted By BioSocrates on synthetic biology - Baltimore SunDon't let the US lose its biotechnology edgeBaltimore SunSynthetic biology, a relatively new field that aims to make biology easier to engineer, was born in the U.S., and the US is still in the lead; Fidelity Investments describe synthetic biology as the defining technology of this century and the World ...

tile outside corner trim

Posted By anleimer24 225 days ago on biohacking - There are a few aspects to bear in mind when selecting the best ways to choose the right bullnose trimming. Place of the trim is one major element, whether it is in the cooking area, bath or perhaps outside on the swimming pool deck. There are specialized tile trims that could be utilized outdoors as well as are made of products that stand up to weather much better compared to others.

Looking for an Edge: The Life of a Biohacker - KQED

Posted By beardman 451 days ago on biohacking - KQEDLooking for an Edge: The Life of a BiohackerKQEDUse Prescription Drugs: Things like Adderall, Albuterol and Modafinil are popular in the biohacking world. Some doctors, like Vinh Ngo in San Francisco, will help patients get drugs that they want to use as a stimulant instead of for medical purposes.

galaxy s8 edge

Posted By kwiltshire98 519 days ago on biohacking - Samsung Mobiles are still the most popular mobiles out in the market right now thanks to the blend of the smart application and OS as well as the proper colour and contour. There are a lot of points for a lot of folks for all the Samsung Galaxy products notably the Samsung Galaxy S7. Galaxy s8 is the following gen Smart-Phone.

Manufacturing's cutting edge — custom organisms - Boston Globe (subscription)

Posted By BioSocrates on synthetic biology - Boston Globe (subscription)Manufacturing's cutting edge — custom organismsBoston Globe (subscription)Ginkgo is part of a field called “synthetic biology” that holds immense promise — but also freaks people out. It involves writing genetic code and inserting it into simple organisms to change their function. Boosters point to the possibility of vats ...and more »

Messing with nature: this is the cutting edge of biohacking - The Verge

Posted By beardman 1062 days ago on biohacking - Messing with nature: this is the cutting edge of biohackingThe VergeIn some ways, we're all cyborgs, fusions of human and technology. We put on artificial skins to protect us, store our knowledge on hard disks, and replace our voices with text on a screen. Some of us are melded in more literal ways — I have magnetic ...

DEINOVE at the Cutting Edge of Strain Construction Technologies - Wall Street Journal

Posted By BigMcLargeHuge 1252 days ago on genetic engineering - DEINOVE at the Cutting Edge of Strain Construction TechnologiesWall Street JournalDEINOVE (Paris:ALDEI) (Alternext Paris: ALDEI), a cleantech company that designs and develops a new generation of industrial processes based on the use of Deinococcus bacteria, has announced that its automated genetic engineering platform is now up ...