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Engineered Platform for Bioethylene Production by a Cyanobacterium Expressing a Chimeric Complex of Plant Enzymes

Posted By biocrusader on synthetic biology - Sadanari Jindou, Yuki Ito, Natsumi Mito, Keiji Uematsu, Akifumi Hosoda and Hiroto Tamura

Solution Structure of a Bacterial Microcompartment Targeting Peptide and Its Application in the Construction of an Ethanol Bioreactor

Posted By biocrusader on synthetic biology - Andrew D. Lawrence, Stefanie Frank, Sarah Newnham, Matthew J. Lee, Ian R. Brown, Wei-Feng Xue, Michelle L. Rowe, Daniel P. Mulvihill, Michael B. Prentice, Mark J. Howard and Martin J. Warren

Synthetic biology DIY chromosomes - The Economist

Posted By BioSocrates on synthetic biology - BBC NewsSynthetic biology DIY chromosomesThe EconomistTHE science of synthetic biology took an important step forward this week with the announcement in Science, by a team from Jef Boeke's laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, of the first completely synthetic yeast chromosome. This takes ...Scientists hail synthetic chromosome advanceBBC NewsScientists Move Closer to Inventing Artificial LifeNational GeographicScientists build first synthetic yeast -Popular Mechanics -USA TODAYall 21 news articles »

Enhanced Triterpene Accumulation in Panax ginseng Hairy Roots Overexpressing Mevalonate-5-pyrophosphate Decarboxylase and Farnesyl Pyrophosphate Synthase

Posted By biocrusader on synthetic biology - Yong-Kyoung Kim, Yeon Bok Kim, Md Romij Uddin, Sanghyun Lee, Soo-Un Kim and Sang Un Park