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General Applicability of Synthetic Gene-Overexpression for Cell-Type Ratio Control via Reprogramming

Posted By biocrusader on synthetic biology - Kana Ishimatsu, Takashi Hata, Atsushi Mochizuki, Ryoji Sekine, Masayuki Yamamura and Daisuke Kiga

Move Over Hackers, Biohackers Are Here - Forbes

Posted By beardman on biohacking - Move Over Hackers, Biohackers Are HereForbesBut with labels come movements, and what was once considered a cloistered academic activity, biohacking is now starting to morph into its own persona. According to Ethan O. Perlstein, Indie Scientist and Founder, Perlstein Lab, he says biohacking is ...and more »

Synthetic Chromosome, First in History - Guardian Liberty Voice

Posted By BigMcLargeHuge on genetic engineering - Guardian Liberty VoiceSynthetic Chromosome, First in HistoryGuardian Liberty VoiceIt is likely scientist have only scratched the surface of what can be done with genetic engineering. The future of genetics and indeed the very direction of life on this planet maybe decided by mankind's ability to manipulate and design what are ...Scientists build synthetic chromosomeIndependent Onlineall 29 news articles »

Synthetic Biology: First Functional 'Designer' Chromosome In Yeast Synthesized - Science 2.0

Posted By BioSocrates on synthetic biology - iScienceTimes.comSynthetic Biology: First Functional 'Designer' Chromosome In Yeast SynthesizedScience 2.0An international team of scientists has synthesized the first functional chromosome in yeast, an important step in the emerging field of synthetic biology, designing microorganisms to produce novel medicines, raw materials for food, and biofuels. Over ...Synthetic Chromosome: Major Step In Synthetic Biology As Live Yeast ...iScienceTimes.comEureka! Scientists unveil giant leap towards synthetic lifeThe IndependentArtificial life closer to realityTimes of MaltaWHTC -Mumbai Mir